Rubber & TPE Mats

Calibre specialise in both Rubber and TPE Mats. We design and develop our own data, either using CAD data or by visiting vehicles and getting our engineers to take vehicle specific data. We are able to mould completely 3D, complex mats, and large one piece van mats.

Calibre has a market leading TPE division which uses a TPE material approved by many different OEMs. We have recently invested a further €250,000 into this division of our company, and our environmentally friendly process has been set up in European manufacturing plants, providing our customers with good value logistical options. We have a huge capacity so are able to take on small, medium or high volume projects, and manufacture bespoke tooling. Recently Calibre successfully trialled multi-colour TPE mats which we are excited to be taking into the mass market.

Calibre has a collaboration with one of India’s largest rubber mixing and manufacturing plants, where we can compression mould mats up to 3m x 2m in size. We can make large one piece mats for vans using OEM approved SBR+EPDM formulations.

We are able to convert compression moulding tools into injection moulding.