Resource & Refurb

There are occasions where tools are redundant, and companies are unable to get them to work. Other times tools have gone missing, and only a sample is available for us to reverse engineer from. 

Being a company based on specialist engineers, we are able to bring parts back to life by opening the tooling and adapting them to cost effective processes. It doesn’t matter how big the tool is, how many there are, or how complicated the project, we are able to manage the project in a well structured manner.

We have taken over many distressed situations whereby there are issues in the supply chain, including from competitors such as Cannon Rubber, Wegu, Vissher and Unitec, and supplies were restored in as little as 2 weeks. 

Parts we have resourced and reverse engineered include mat tools, mudflap tools, boot handles, fuel cap closing mechanisms and large grilles with chrome components.