If we wouldn’t buy it as a customer, we won’t sell it!

Calibre is 100% committed to delivering quality products, at fair and sustainable prices. Quality is designed into our products and processes from the outset using multi-disciplinary techniques. Our manufacturing plants are regularly audited by our automotive customers to ensure we adhere to challenging standards and maintain quality and traceability. 

Calibre keep tight controls on our supply chain, ensuring they are continually audited so that we only purchase quality products and raw materials to convert into parts that we are proud to sell. Quality and efficiency go hand in hand at Calibre as we work towards Continual Improvement.

Calibre currently works to standards in line with TS16949 to be able to provide parts that are installed on vehicle production lines – a standard designed to be more advanced than ISO 9001. 

Calibre has a duty to protect the environment, and has invested heavily into developing recyclable and green materials. We are REACH compliant and register products using IMDS for our customers. 

Staff at Calibre and our suppliers are seen as extended family members. Health & Safety is paramount to our company. We are an inclusive and anti-discriminatory company who invest to pay our staff fairly, providing them with good working conditions.