Moulding Processes

Calibre are able to offer a range of moulding processes in order to manufacture most kinds of plastic parts. We have decades of experience in this field, and have a variety of well maintained plant. We are able to prototype parts, manufacture tools and produce parts.

Compression Moulding

 We have a range of British and Italian presses available to do compression moulding. We work with a number of material compounders across Europe to ensure we can produce products according to your requirements and at a competitive price.

Injection Moulding

We work with our customers to design and specific materials to meet specific requirements and are able to inject almost any material. Injection Moulding plant available to our customers includes

Tonnes Maximum Shot Weight Size Between The Bars
1700 38000 gms 1510mm x 1310mm
1500 12720 gms 1535mm x 1275mm
1000 8000 gms 1400mm x 1150mm
900 7100 gms 1170mm x 1000mm
650 3750 gms 1025mm x 925mm
500 1680 gms 910mm x 830mm
420 2230 gms 735mm x 735mm
275 1000 gms 635mm x 635mm
250 950 gms 630mm x 630mm
210 830 gms 670mm x 620mm
175 660 gms 820mm x 750mm
160 420 gms 750mm x 750mm
150 480 gms 500mm x 500mm
90 100 gms 470mm x 420mm
80 250 gms 405mm x 405mm
50 110 gms 405mm x 321mm
45 90 gms 550mm x 330mm
25 40 gms 470mm x 280mm


Vaccum Moulding

We can vacuum form customised parts in a range of plastic including: ABS, Acrylic, APET, ASA, ESD, HIPS, HDPE, PVC, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, PETG, Polystyrene, Fire Retardant Material, PMMA & VCI.

Our workable material thickness range is from 200 microns up to 15mm.

Our maximum forming sizes are 3500mm x 1500mm & 600mm deep.