Calibre Autoparts are in Independent firm. Our headquarters are in Leicester, England. We specialise in the supply and manufacture of world class automotive parts, predominantly direct to the OEM’s online plants or worldwide distribution centers. We also supply and manufacture affordable parts for the local markets, dealer networks and fleet customers, which can be branded or personalised according to the customer’s requirements.

Calibre has a reputation based on giving customers a professional, friendly and flexible service. We deliver a wide range of stylish, quality parts designed and delivered from our highly skilled and experienced staff. Projects are diligently managed from their infancy stage to mass production. We have the technical ability to design 3D products, prototype, manufacture tooling in house, produce drawings and inspection jigs, complete approvals according to customer specific requirements, and deliver parts on time and on schedule.

Calibre has production facilities in England, Romania, Turkey, Australia and India. There are over 100 staff worldwide working on projects and products on Calibre’s behalf. Calibre has an excellent in-house Research & Development department, where we continually strive to innovate new products and turn ideas into reality. All our tooling is manufactured in house, and we continually invest back into the company, purchasing new machines, researching new materials, and developing processes to keep ahead of the field.

Welcome to Calibre Autoparts!


Calibre Autoparts will be forever associated with Hitech Autoparts. Established in 1977, Hitech was a family company that grew from a small garage into one of the world’s leading designers and suppliers of mudflaps. Hitech was one of the world’s first mudflap manufacturers, a genuine innovator in the product line, and started by initially supplying mudflaps to a local Datsun dealer. With the support of their beloved mother, the family worked hard to grow the company. Hitech Autoparts has supplied nearly every major OEM across the world.

Following a corporate restucture, and by purchasing all the Intellectual Property, designs and naming rights for Hitech, Calibre Autoparts is proud to continue with the legacy of Hitech.


If we wouldn't buy it as a customer, we won’t sell it as a manufacturer. Calibre is 100% committed to delivering quality products, at fair and sustainable prices. Quality is designed into our products and processes using multi-disciplinary techniques. All of our manufacturing plants have been audited by our automotive customers, and we are proud to have passed with flying colours.

Calibre keep a close eye on our supply chain, ensuring they are continually audited so that we only purchase quality products and raw materials to convert into parts that we are proud to sell. Quality and efficiency go hand in hand at Calibre as we work towards Continual Improvement.

Calibre currently has ISO 9001. We are striving towards completing our TS16949 certification this year, and whilst we have passed audits which are aimed specifically towards TS level suppliers, we are working with a Management Consultancy firm to obtain formal certification.

Calibre has a duty to protect the environment, and has invested heavily into developing recyclable and green materials. We are working towards obtaining our ISO14001 certification.

The Health & Safety and welfare of our staff, whoare seen as extended family members, is paramount to our company. To that extent, we are investing in OHSAS18001 procedures and certification.

Production Facilities

Calibre have an extensive network of worldwide production facilities. Parts are placed into different manufacturing facilities based on our customer’s requirements, and always with their consultation. Parts made at our international facilities represent Calibre, and we work hard to maintain the good supply of quality of parts manufactured at these sites.

Leicester, England
Our Head Office is based in Leicester, England. This central focus point for administration, Leicester is the home to our world-renowned Research & Development Centre, where we continually strive to develop new products.

We have a growing TPE plant in the UK, and manufacture various plastic parts which we can colour code using approved paint systems.

Brasov, Romania
Our Romanian facility manufactures high volume plastic products, and has a compression moulding facility for EPDM and SBR. Many of our customers have audited our Romanian operation, and collect parts directly from here.

Gujurat, India
Our partners in Gujurat, India are one of the largest consumers of rubber in India, specializing in high quality materials for our products and other items such as timing belts and Nylon reinforcement for rubber. This site has multiple large rubber compounding lines.

Brasov, Turkey
Calibre work closely with a plant who specializes in high volume injection moulding for a large range of products, and has an approved chroming and painting line.

Brisbane, Australia
Calibre had collaboration with an Australian firm in Brisbane to manufacture tooling and supply a large range of Acrylic parts.